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Fobare Commercial Profile

Founded in 1989, Fobare Commercial is a diversified commercial real estate firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company's expertise includes project leasing, property management, acquisitions, and dispositions. The firm has built an exceptional reputation in the real estate community highlighted by its intelligence, passion, likeability, and results. Fobare views every transaction as a vital component that 1) maximizes the value of each asset, and 2) builds both new, lasting relationships and also strengthens existing relationships.

Project Leasing

The project leasing team consists of senior experienced experts who are known for their creative, problem solving abilities, and extensive market knowledge. These critical skills have resulted in the maximization of value in all types of real estate assets including office, industrial, retail, and land. The team has long-term, personal relationships in the commercial real estate brokerage community, and understands how to facilitate and close transactions in a manner that produces positive outcomes for all parties involved.

Property Management

Quality service, intelligent decision making, and quick response times are the trademarks of Fobare's property management team. Fobare understands that its success is anchored by outstanding people including both employees and tenants. Fobare's exceptional real estate assets and management services coupled with its exceptional tenants have resulted in exceptional satisfaction. Fobare's property management team consistently strives to fulfill its mission of ensuring that each property is the best it can be for its customers.


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